HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus

HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus is one of the most famous and newest insurance plans launched by HDFC. The non–linked insurance plan provides its consumers with a wide range of benefits and assurance of protection for the insured and the family. Many people are interested in HDFC Life 2 to Protect Plus due to its animated features. However, this article will discuss the HDFC Click to protect 3d plus life insurance, its components, benefits, and many more.

Eligibility for HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus

The person who wants to take advantage of various features of HDFC life clicks 2 Protect 3d Plus. They can fulfill the essential requirement for applying. However, the eligibility criteria for HDFC life click 2 protect 3D Plus are as follows

Eligibility parametersExtra life income option3D life option, return of premium options, income replacements optionsLife long protection option3D life-long protection option
Minimum entry age18 years18 years25 years25 years
Maximum entry age65 years   
Minimum policy term5 years5 yearsWhole of lifeWhole of life
Maximum policy term50 years40 years  
Maximum maturity age23 years23 yearsWhole of lifeWhole of life
Minimum maturity age85 years75 years  
Frequency of paying a premiumSingle/ annual/semi-annual/ quarterly/ monthlySingle/yearly/semi-annual/ quarterly/ monthlySingle/yearly/semi-annual/ quarterly/ monthlySingle/ annual/semi-annual/ quarterly/ monthly

Features HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus

HDFC Click to Protect 3d Plus is one of the famous plans that HDFC provides with different payment options. However, some of the critical features of HDFC life Click to Protect 3d Plus are

  1. It is a non-linked term insurance plan with various benefits. However, it provides multiple payment options such as monthly, quarterly, yearly, half-yearly, etc.
  2. It provides support to the insured and the family. Even if something happens to the insured, the family would be offered essential protection, and they can fulfill their financial needs.
  3. The HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus Plus allows you to choose the policy payment according to your convenience.
  4. HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus provides unique plans for their female customers.
  5. If you’re away from any wrong consumption, such as tobacco or cigarettes, for this, there are some benefits in your plan.
  6. You can renew your plan according to your will, as HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus Plus provides this feature.
  7. If the insured faces any critical illness or mishappening, then the insured does not have to pay the further policy term.
  8. HDFC life click 2 Protect will provide you tax benefits on every payment.
  9. The most famous and everyday HDFC click 2 protect 3d plus covers are:
  • Extra Life Option
  • Income Option
  • Life Option
  • 3d Life Option
  • Income Replacement Option
  • Life-long Protection Option
  • Return of Premium Option
  • 3D life-long Protection Option

Benefits of HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus

HDFC Click 2 Protect 3d Plus has become the foremost choice of customers due to its various features and benefits. Every plan cover has an advantage. However, some of the expected benefits of HDFC click to protect 3d Plus are:

1. Life Option

The insured is provided life protection against the policy in this cover option. It helps the insured during a critical illness. If you’ve taken the life option, you’ll get complete cover to overcome the expenses of your condition. Even banks provide lump sum amounts if needed. However, if the insured dies right before the plan’s maturity, then all the lump sum amount will also be provided to the insured’s family as financial support. On the other hand, if the insured faces an accident and it leads to a certain kind of disability, all the plan amount will also be offered to the insured, and the plan gets terminated after that.

2. 3D Life Option

In this  HDFC life click 2 protect plus cover option, the insured can benefit from a lump sum payment, and the rest of the money is waived off if they face any critical illness. In any case, if the insured dies during the policy period, all the payment money will be provided to the nominee along with the benefit payments. However, if the insured gets diagnosed with any illness at a critical stage, all future fees will also be waived.

3. Extra Life Option

In this HDFC click to protect 3D plus option, you are provided with all the essential extra life benefits along with the sum assured. However, if the insured had a sudden death, all the money and the benefits would be provided to the nominee. In the same way, if the insured face any acute disease, the further policy term will be waived off, and the rest will be provided to the insured.

4. Income Option

in this HDFC Life 2 protect plus option, the insured is provided with the benefit of regular income till the end of the policy if the insured dies. It helps to keep the nominee protected from any unique financial needs. In this option, you’ll also be provided with a sum insured and other remaining benefits. However, if the insured faces any critical illness, the policy tenure will be waived, and the remaining money will be given to the insured’s family.

Policy Details of HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus

The HDFC Click to Protect 3d Plus insurance policy details are given below:

  • Grace Period

The grace period refers to the period provided to the insured after the due date of the policy payment. If you haven’t paid your policy payment, then a 15 or 30 days grace period will be provided to clear off all the payments. In any case, if a person fails to do so, then the policy will get terminated.

  • Surrendering of Policy

Surrendering of policy is a kind of acceptance in which the bank asks for a contract in which the insured cannot ask for surrendering values during the tenure period. However, you have no right to claim a discount after this.

  • Revival

If the person fails to pay the payment and a leap of 2 years comes due to an unfulfilled amount, the policy gets terminated. But if you want to start with your policy again, you can go with the option of revival. You have to do some formalities to start your policy again.

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HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus is a good plan for protecting you and your family. It helps to provide financial support to the family even after the insured’s demise. The HDFC clicks to protect 3d Plus is a benefit plan which protects against death, accident, disability, etc. The aim of the HDFC Life Click 2 protect plus is to protect you from every kind of mishappening. We have already discussed the HDFC click 2 Protect 3D Plus above and its key features, benefits, and details.

HDFC Life Click to Protect 3d Plus – FAQs

What is the claim settlement ratio of HDFC click to protect 3d Plus?

Ans. The claim settlement ratio HDFC life click 2 protect Plus is 98.01%.

What is the rate of claim settlement?

Ans. The claim settlement ratio helps in defining the credibility of the insurance company. The insurance company settles it at the beginning of the year.

How is the claim settlement ratio calculated?

Ans. The claim settlement ratio was used by in-between the total number of claims settled by the total number of death claims.

How many days does it take for claim settlement?

Ans. The claim settlement takes take around 20 working days to process.

What is the calculation of claim value?

Ans. The calculation of claim value is Claim = loss suffered 8inusred value/ total cost.

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