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The procedure of finding CDM near you is effortless. You can easily find a Cash Deposit machine online. A Cash Deposit Machine is used for depositing Cash without going to any bank. CDMs are just like ATMs for use, customers need a debit card to complete the cash deposit procedure.

Many times, CDM deposit machines are installed at ATM outlets. ATM and CDM could be more apparent for many senior citizens, but they will installed for their convenience. 

What is a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

A cash deposit machine is an automatic machine that allows customers to deposit their cash without going to banks or filling out extra forms. It is similar to an ATM, but it is used for depositing cash into the machine, giving the customer a very convenient way to deposit money.

How to Deposit Cash in Cash Deposit Machines?

Cash Deposit Machines are installed for their customers. Where customers don’t have to visit the Bank for cash depositing.

Deposit Cash in CDM with a Debit Card

Customers can follow these steps to deposit Cash in the Cash Deposit machine:

  • Customers have to visit the nearest CDM deposit machine.
  • Swipe the debit card in the CDM machine.
  • The procedure is the same as the ATM.
  • After swiping the debit card, the Customer can see the various options on the screen. You have to press the Cash depositing option.
  • After choosing the option, you can choose the account type, like a current or savings account then you can deposit money on the CDM machine.
  • CDM machines only take 100, 500, and 2000 rupees notes.
  • Notes should be in good condition while depositing in the slot.
  • The maximum limit of depositing is 50,000 at one time.
  • After you deposit the money in the deposit slot, the machine takes the money inside for verification.
  • You have to wait for confirmation.
  • After the confirmation process, the device shows the amount on the screen you kept inside the machine.
  • If the amount is correct, you can press the confirm button, which will be directly credited to your account.

How to Find a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Near You?

The easiest method to find the CDM deposit machine near you is from Google Map services. You must open Google Maps and type CDM machine near you in the search tab. You must also enable your device’s location services for better work. 

Various banks provide their own CDM machine to their Customer. And if you want to use your Bank CDM machine for cash depositing, you must use your Bank CDM locator to reach one. 

 These are some bank CDM locators you can use:

1. SBI Cash Deposit ATM Machine Near Me

State Bank Of India has also entered a procedure in Map My India to ensure that customers can easily find their ATMs, Bank branches, and Cash Deposit Machines. Following these few steps will help you locate any of these SBI CDMs near you:

  • You have to log into the official website of the State Bank of India.
  • After logging in, you must press essential links to the page’s bottom.
  • Under the essential links, select “View CDM locator” and click on it.
  • After clicking in the locator, the page shows all the SBI cash deposit machines near you.

2. ICICI Bank Cash Deposit ATM Machine Near Me

Like SBI, this Bank also offers a locator facility to their Customer. You can use the Bank’s official website to find the Cash Deposit Machine near you.

3. HDFC Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

HDFC is India’s most famous private Bank. It ensures that their Customer has all the facilities and relevant information about the concerns their Customer has. You can visit their official website to find the HDFC CDM machine, following the steps we told you in SBI.

4. Axis Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Axis Bank is also a private sector bank that offers its customers the facility of a Cash deposit machine. To find the CDM machine of Axis Bank, the Customers have to install the official website of the Bank, where they can check the nearest CDM machine.

Benefits Of Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Near You

As we know, customers of various banks have had to stand in long queues with the filled forms in hand for a long time. It makes the procedure of depositing money in an account exhausting for people. To remove this exhausting process for their customers, the Bank provides the Cash Depositing Machine for their convenience.

For depositing money, customers have a Debit card or an account number. The funds will be quickly credited into the Customer’s account within a second. 

These are some significant benefits are as follows:

  • It regulates self-service without concern about the form-filling procedure and waiting in long queues.
  • An electronic deposit receipt is generated instantly for proof.
  • Cash is instantly deposited to the Customer’s account.
  • This procedure is time-saving for the customers.


Cash Deposit Machines are very similar to the ATM. You can quickly deposit the money without enduring the stress of standing in long bank queues. CDM machines help people deposit Cash without going to their banks, which makes CDM a life-savior and time-savior machine. It offers an Instant crediting amount procedure with the deposit receipt. Various banks, government or non-government offers, offer CDM facilities to their customers. 

Cash Deposit Machine Locator – FAQs

How Can I find a Cash Deposit Machine near me?

Ans. To find the Cash deposit machine near you, you can use Google Maps and type cash deposit machine near me in the search bar. Google will automatically fetch the CDM location and give you all the information. You can also use a particular bank’s online portal for nearby CDM machines.

How can I find an SBI CDM near me?

Ans. Customers must ensure that their location service is active, then search on Google SBI cash deposit machine near me. After entering the question, google automatically gives you all information about the SBI CDM near you.

Will I have to stand in queue for depositing Cash in the cash deposit machine?

Ans. No, but there might be 3-to four people before you deposit Cash in the CDM, Although it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete this procedure.

What is the limit of depositing Cash in the Cash Depositing machine?

Ans. Cash Depositing Machines can only accept 200 currency notes of rupees 100, 500, and 2000, and 50,000 is the maximum value for depositing money in CDM at one time.

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