Education Loans for Students in India

Education Loans for students in India, commonly known as student loans, are best to cover the financial expenses for pursuing higher education, both within India and abroad. These loans are available in public and private sector banks. Unlike other types of retail loans, this loan typically includes a moratorium period during which students get a 1-2 years extra timeline to repay loans.

For undergraduate students, there is usually no requirement for a credit check for Education Loan in the bank. However, parents or guardians who act as co-borrowers are subjected to credit assessment based on their income and collateral provided as security. Although this loan can be costly, the interest rates in public and private sector banks are generally lower than in non-banking financial companies. 

What is Education Loans for Students?

Education Loans in India for students assist individuals in meeting their financial obligations related to higher education. These loans in public and private sector banks provide a moratorium period and extra repayment duration. While undergraduate students do not need credit checks, parents or guardians must meet certain eligibility criteria based on income and collateral. Although education loans can be expensive, banks generally offer lower interest rates compared to non-banking financial companies.

What Expenses Education Loans in India Cover?

An education Loan encompasses a wide range of expenses incurred by students while studying abroad, providing financial assistance for various aspects of their education journey. These costs include tuition fees, cost of living, travel costs, dormitory fees, costs associated with buying books and study supplies, as well as other errands. An education Loan aims to cover almost all the financial requirements associated with pursuing a degree abroad, ensuring that students have the necessary funds to support their education and living arrangements.

Eligibility of Education Loans for Students in India

To be eligible for education Loans for students in india, students must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Citizenship

The applicant should be an Indian citizen.

2. Age

The applicant’s age for an education loan should be at least 18 years old.

3. Admission

The student must have obtained admission to a reputable course or program in a college or university. You can take admission either in India or overseas.

4. Academic Qualification

The student must have successfully passed their 10+2 program or comparable qualification. The percentage must be at least 50% in the general category and 45% in the reserved category.

5. Financial Eligibility

The applicant or their parents/guardians should have a good credit score. They should demonstrate a stable source of income to repay the Loans. Certain banks may also require collateral security, such as property or fixed deposits.

6. Additional Requirements

Specific banks could have further requirements for the type of institution, length of the course, and Loan amount.

7. Filling out the form

Once the student fulfills the eligibility requirements of education Loans for students in india, they can proceed with the application process. This involves completing the application form and submitting relevant documents. The bank or financial institution will then assess the application, considering factors such as the Loans amount, interest rate, and terms and conditions before making a decision.


Education Loans for students in India play a crucial role in supporting students’ educational aspirations. Students can access funds to cover tuition fees, cost of living, and other educational costs. You can compare Loans options and make informed decisions and secure financial assistance.

Education Loans for Students in India – FAQs

What do you mean by education Loans for students in India?

Ans. A student Loan in India is a type of financial assistance. Banks and financial institutions provide these loans to help students cover the expenses of their education. It includes tuition fees, living costs, and other related expenses.

Who can apply for education Loans for students in India?

Ans. Indian citizens can apply for education loans if they are taking admission to recognized courses. The particular eligibility requirements may differ between banks for education Loans in India for students.

What is the document I need to apply for an education Loan in India for students?

Ans. Typically, applicants must submit documents such as admission letters, identification proof, address proof, academic certificates, income proof, and collateral security documents (if applicable).

How do I repay education Loans for students in India?

Ans. Repayment of student Loans in India usually starts after a moratorium period. It is a specified time after the completion of the course. You can repay in monthly installments over a pre-fix period by the bank.

Are interest rates on student loans in India competitive?

Ans. Interest rates on student loans in India vary among banks and financial institutions. Public sector banks generally offer lower interest rates compared to private banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). It is advisable to compare interest rates and terms before finalizing a Loan.

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